This is a typical level measurement of the titanium powder tank. The particles are ultra-fine, the dielectric constant is low, and the reflected signal is weak. It is easy to adhere to the surface of the antenna. The ANL-9080 80GHz frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar not only has strong penetrating power for large dust, but also adopts a number of original technologies to provide strong performance guarantee for high stability and high precision level measurement in powder applications.

Key points: Titanium powder, ultra-fine powder, easy to adhere, low dielectric constant

Like all mineral powders, the fineness of titanium powder is small, which can be divided into nano-level and micro-nano level. It is an ultra-fine medium in solid particles. The air blowing method is used on-site, and the tank is covered with dust. At the same time, due to the influence of static electricity, the powder easily adheres to the surface of the antenna, which interferes with the conventional level measurement.

CHINASIMBA' ANL-9080 80GHz radar level meter not only has the technical advantages of FMCW continuous wave, but also puts a lot of effort into the software design of the product to create absolute performance advantages. The real-time waveform of the measurement sent back on site shows that in a dusty occasion, the signal energy is severely weakened by strong dust, and the product's dynamic gain control and TIQU echo algorithm can still detect echo energy higher than 50dB. This is one of the prerequisites for accurate measurement of powder materials and a strong guarantee for stability. In addition, the product software adopts the original multi-echo mode active tracking intelligent identification technology, not only in the face of this titanium powder measurement, but also in other harsh working conditions with multiple interferences, it can stably determine the correct echo position , Get high-precision measurement results.

  • Titanium powder has low dielectric constant and is easy to accumulate and attach to the antenna
  • Automatic gain control technology to improve the quality of echo signals and ensure measurement stability 
  • Multi-echo mode active tracking and identification technology, correct echo identification, accurate and reliable measurement
  • The lens antenna has extremely strong penetrating power to large dust

ANL-9080 80GHz radar for level measurement of titanium powder

Radar measurement interface

Echo curve under dust and weakened signal

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