To crystallize an impure, solid compound, hot solvent is added to it to completely dissolve it. As the solution cools, the solvent can no longer hold all of the solute molecules, and they begin to leave the solution and form solid crystals.

Key points: crystallization, high temperature, small vessel 

In the Sugar and similar industries, Crystallization Vessels are used to extract crystals under sanitary conditions. Most reactors are made of stainless steel with reactions at high process temperatures.

CHINASIMBA’s ANL – 9127 120 GHz is the perfect candidate for liquid level measurement in small tanks. The ANL – 9127 comes equipped with a specially designed PTFE Antenna that operates well in processes that rely on crystal extraction to either purify or separate crystals when water or a solvent dissolve from the mixture.

  • Reliable measurement unaffected by blockage and buildup.
  • Easy installation and no maintenance required.
  • Applicable to high temperature (160°C).

The top of this vessel is congested with crystal substance

ANL-9127 120GHz FMCW radar was mounted on the vessel with short range and high temperature

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