Cement industry is the building block of construction industry for all the nations. It is also one of the leading sectors of the building materials industry. A basic binding material, cement is widely used in the national economy. Primarily in the production of concrete, reinforced concrete, and mortars and in the asbestos cement, petroleum and other industries. ChinaSimba has developed many exellent products for this industry covering all the process. 

The cement industry is a high level of production concentration is characteristic of the cement industry, and is also a highly mechanized sector of the national economy. Cement is one of the most important raw materials for infrastructure construction. In 2019, the worldwide cement production is over 3,000 million metric tons.

The raw material base for the cement industry is the calcareous and argillaceous rock widely found in deposits in the country. In addition to natural raw materials, the cement industry uses waste materials from other sectors of industry: metallurgical slag, ash from hydroelectric power plants and steam power plants, overburden from the extraction of minerals, pyrite cinders, and phosphogypsum. The main processes of the cement production are mining, raw material crushing, clay drying, raw meal grinding, clinker calcination, clinker cooling, cement grinding, and finished product packaging. Each process in cement production places high requirements on production efficiency and process control.


A series of rad

ar level gauge products developed by ChinaSimba have a unique and patented lens antenna design that is stable and reliable in the cement production process. Both ANL-8260AG2 series lens radar and ANL-9127 series 120GHz FMCW radar are strongly recommended in cement industry.

Here are some of our historical applications in the cement industry:

Case #86097 - Clinker Silo Level Measurement 

Case #88039 - Sandstone Level Measurement 

Case #88253 - Storage Silo for Cement Level Measurement 

Case #82835 - Level Monitoring During Clinker Loading Process

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