In the Pharmaceutical industry, Reactors are used to mix and compound various drug types under sanitary conditions. Most reactors are made of stainless steel with reactions at high temperatures.

Key points: lens antennacorrosive liquidsstrong steamhigh temperature

CHINASIMBA’s ANL – 8260 AX 26 GHz is the perfect candidate for liquid level measurement in small tanks. The ANL – 8260 AX comes equipped with a specially designed PTFE Antenna that operates well in processes that require steam at high temperature and chemicals of varying characteristics.

Besides, traditional product have to consider how to keep equipment away from reactor to make sure hygenic in tank, ANL-8260AX has unique design for antanna and inner construction. No need air purge and no fear of high temperature. 

ANL-8260AX was mounted on a pharmacy reactor

Measurement status of ANL-8260AX len radar level transmitter

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