An OEM version ANL-9127 120GHz FMCW radar level transmitter installed in paraffin tank. The DK value is very small. It requires radar level transmitter has very strong penetration ability to penetrate thick foams. ANL-9127 has been applied and performs very well in the field. 

Key points: paraffinreaction vessel, foamspenetrate foams

This is a typical application of paraffin reaction vessel. During the process, it generates very much and thick foams. 

ANL-9127, 120GHz FMCW THz radar level transmitter, is the first 120GHz radar around the world. It is based on advanced FMCW (Frequency-Modulated-Continuous-Wave) technology. It can reach 1° beam angle, and delivers good sensitivity and accuracy. It offers higher bandwidth. These advantages make measurement much easier, more accurate, more stable and environmental adaptablity, no matter of solids or liquids. Dusty or sticky environment does not interfere with radar level transmitter's detection.

  • Easy Installation and maintenance free
  • Reliable level measurement
  • Unaffected by turbulent surface and foams


 Paraffin reaction vessel

Paraffin tank

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