Liquid paraffin oil is a mineral oil, and is a by-product of petroleum distillation. It is transparent, colorless, odorless and tasteless oil, which is mainly composed of heavier alkanes. Paraffin oil and paraffin wax are used extensively in the medical, and cosmetic industries.

Key points: paraffinreaction vessel, foamspenetrate foams

CHINASIMBA’s ANL – 9127 120 GHz is the perfect candidate for paraffin liquid level measurement in small tanks. The ANL – 9127 comes equipped with a specially designed PTFE Antenna that operates well in processes that involve petroleum distillation with foaming occurring throughout.

  • Easy Installation and maintenance free
  • Reliable level measurement
  • Unaffected by turbulent surface and foams


 Paraffin reaction vessel

Paraffin tank

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