Sandstone once pulverized is fed to Sandstone silos via Conveyors. The sandstone is non-uniform in the form of both chips and fine particulate dust.

Key points: sandstone, fast change of level, high accuracy

Sandstone silos are normally tall and difficult to access structures and require a level measurement product requiring minimum maintenance.

CHINASIMBA’s ANL 9127 120 GHz THz FMCW [Frequency-Modulated-Continuous-Wave] technology with a 1°beam angle is the perfect choice for difficult to access, sandstone silos, is virtually maintenance free and provides higher accuracies than similar products available in the market.

For traditional debugging method of large silo, back to the top of silo agian to check or dignose the setting increased the risk for users and engineers. ANL-9127 integrates Bluetooth wireless connection, which provides a way to help engineers and users to manage measurement on sites via cell phone.

  • Easy installation and maintenance free
  • 120GHz provides better accuracy
  • Reliable measurement for fast level change of solids

ANL-9127 120GHz radar level transmitter is mounted on top of a sandstone silo

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