Measurement of level in Asphalt Storage Tank is a challenging proposition. Asphalt is hot, sticky and viscid. It increases the difficulty for operators and instrument.

Key points: asphalt storage tank, high temperature, high adherence

Asphalt is stored in tanks at temperatures in in excess of 180℃ and could go up to 250℃. Until recently, Radar Gauges with horn antennas were the product of choice. Then again, asphalt being viscous would form a layer on the antenna.

CHINASIMBA ANL-8260AG2 26 GHz has been designed to cope with the most stringent of industrial processes requiring critical level measurement in harsh environments such as asphalt.

  • Easy installation and maintenance free
  • Accurate and reliable measurement
  • Normal operation at high temperature

Asphalt storage tank

Echo on the display

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