This application is level measurement in asphalt storage tank. The key of the solution is to apply lens radar, which has strong penetration and not interfered with adherence environment. It also has fast response speed to monitor in real-time and manage materials.

Key points: asphalt storage tank, high temperature, high adherence

Lens radar has excellent capabilities of penetration in the field of critical environments. Maintenance free patented lens radar level transmitter, is one of measuring in strong dust or crystallization series product. It uses low power for transmission, and delivers good sensitivity and stability. It offers higher bandwidth. These advantages make cement measurement much easier, more accurate, more stable and environmental adaptability.

Besides, the traditional product have to install air purge, for lens radar, it has unique patented lens antenna can reach strong penetration for dust. No need air purge and no fear of adherences.

  • Easy installation and maintenance free
  • Accurate and reliable measurement
  • Normal operation at high temperature

Asphalt storage tank

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