This application is typical hydrological water measurement. The key of the solution is to apply 24GHz FMCW hydrological radar AiW-4111, which has higher accuracy and faster response time, more compact structure to measure via mobile phone in water application. Encapsulated IP68 waterproof protection.

Key points: wireless, Bluetooth, water measurement, IP68

This is a minicipal manhole network constructions project to be part of "Digital City", "Sponge City" plans. Water governance has been becoming more and more important nowadays. Water recycling, water treatment, and water management relies on more and more high efficiency digital measures.

AiW-4111, 24GHz FMCW planar array hydrological radar level transmitter, is one of AiWTM hydro series product. It is based on advanced FMCW (Frequency-Modulated-Continuous-Wave) technology. It uses low power for transmission, and delivers good sensitivity and stability. It offers higher bandwidth. These advantages make flurry water measurement much easier, more accurate, more stable and environmental adaptability. Inside ladders, close installation space, dusts, and condensation does not interfere with radar level transmitter's detection.

Besides the traditional communication method using RTU to get measured values from radar level transmitter, AiW-4111 integrates Bluetooth wireless connection, which provides a way to help engineers and users to manage water measurement on sites via cell phone, and act faster and high efficiency.  

Checking the echoes on mobile phone, AiW-4111 mounted in the city manhole cover

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