ANL-8260AG2 Advanced Lens Radar Level Transmitter

A patented lens radar is specially designed for all kinds of critical environments with coagulations, sediments, and adherence, which is widely used in coal mines, cements industries.

Applications:  coal mines, cements, food and grains, raw materials, fly ash

Price: 1.00 USD


  • Unique patented lens antenna, narrow beam detection, strong penetration for dusts
  • No need air purge and no fear of adherence


Frequency 26GHz, ±250MHz, 52GHz harmonic 
Range 0.45-30m or 0.6-70m
Resolution 1mm
Accuracy ≤±15mm
Beam angle <8°
Dimension 220mm x 220mm x 278mm
Antenna Type AG convex lens Ku / PTFE / Nylon Polyamide
Signal Output 1:4-20ma output (DAC instantaneous current conversion output).....option
1:HART/MODBUS/PROFIBUS communication.......option
1:RS485 communication (connecting with the position machine)
Communication 4-20mA/HART/MODBUS/PROFIBUS (Depends on specific models)
Failure Output 4mA, 22mA and 20.5mA (option)
Process Temp -40 ~ 110℃, -40 ~250℃  (including top flange plate cooling tube)
Humidity ≤95%RH
Pressure -1 ~ 10MPa, -10~20MPa (including enhanced flange structure)
Power Supply 2-wire 16-36VDC (Max < 45VDC) / 4-wire  9~36VDC / 110-250VAC /50Hz/60Hz
Adjustment PC software/keypad configuration/mobile APP configuration/tank side table configuration/128*64 Dot TFT LCD color sunlight display/4 key
Casing aluminum alloy
Connection M20x1.5 (φ5...9mm)
Protection IP67



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