ANL-8260LL Anti-Radiation High Temperature Tank Radar Level Gauge

Seperated-type radar for on-site separation and installation, the maximum customized range is 10 meters. A special made quartz glass lens antenna for purpose of high temperature use. Suitable for measurement of radiation-resistant high-temperature tanks and highly corrosive liquid tanks.

Price: 1.00 USD


  • Easy to disassemble antenna and guided-wave tube
  • Custom design waveguide tube up to 15m in seperate measurement
  • 90° waveguide tube makes signal bending possible


Frequency 26GHz, PULS {24GHz/FMCW coming soon}
Range 0.3~3.0m, supports custom design up to 10m
Resolution 1mm
Accuracy <±3mm
Beam angle
Boot time Less than 8s, response time/measurement cycle time <1s
Output 0 - 999s
Antenna Type Φ100mm Lens,PTFE / Quartz Glass / Nylon
Signal Output 1:4-20ma output(Standard) or (DAC instantaneous current conversion output.....optional)
1:HART/MODBUS/PROFIBUS communication.......optional
1:RS485 communication (connecting with the position machine.....optional)
Communication 4-20mA/HART/MODBUS/PROFIBUS (Depending on the specific models)
Failure Output 20mA and 20.5mA (optional)
Process Temp -40..150°C(Nylon Lens), -40..230°C(PTFE lens), -40~1000°C(Quartz Glass Lens)
Humidity ≤95%RH
Pressure -1.5 ~ 5MPa    
Power Supply 2-wire system 16-36vdc (recommended 24V)
Adjustment PC software/key configuration/mobile APP /128*64 Dot TFT LCD color sunlight display on Tank Side Indicator/4 key
Casing aluminum alloy
Connection M20x1.5 (φ6...12mm)
Protection IP67



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