ANL-8260AX PTFE-encapsulated Hygienic Tank Lens Radar Level Transmitter

Another patented lens radar, PTFE-encapsulated, especially designed for aggressive hygienic tanks. Its strong penetration capability can be used critical liquids applications with steam, coagulations.

Applications: hygenic storage tank, strong corrosive liquid tank, food, chemical and other process.

Price: 1.00 USD


  • Unique patented lens antenna, narrow beam detection, strong penetration for dusts
  • No need air purge and no fear of adherence


Frequency 26GHz
Range 0.3~10m/50m
Resolution 1mm
Accuracy <±3mm
Beam angle
Size 200mm x 200mm x 246mm
Antenna Type LENS,PTFE / KEEP / PE / PP / POM
Signal Output 1:4-20ma output (DAC instantaneous current conversion output).....optional)
1:HART/MODBUS/PROFIBUS communication.......optional
1:RS485 communication (connecting with the position machine)
Communication 4-20mA/HART/MODBUS/PROFIBUS (Depends on the sequence of specific models)
Failure Output 20mA, 20.5mA and 4mA (optional)
Process Temp -50..85°C
Humidity ≤95%RH
Pressure -100..4000 KPa
Power Supply 2-wire 16-36VDC / 4-wire 12-36VDC (recommended 24VDC)/ 110-250vac /50Hz/60Hz 
Adjustment PC software/key configuration/mobile APP configuration/tank side table configuration/128*64 Dot TFT LCD color sunlight display/4 key
Casing aluminum alloy
Connected Method M20x1.5 (φ5...9mm)
Protection IP67


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