AiW-4110 Planar Array Antenna Hydrological Radar

Non-contact hydrological measurement, totally enclosed IP68 protection design with bubble level and lightning protection function, built-in software algorithm of hydrological echo measurement.

Applications:dams, lakes, tides, open channels, city manhole covers, marines, reservoirs, rivers, wastewater treatment, rivers, agricultural irrigation, sewers

Price: 1.00 USD


  • Easy to be installed by universal joint bracket to fit in various conditions in the wild or process monitoring
  • Fully enclosed IP68 protection with bubble level and lightning protection
  • Light, handy, compact, not affected by water drop, cobweb, dust in the wild 
  • Wireless connectivity of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on mobile.


Frequency Pulse radar, 26.0GHz ±250MHz, RF power <10uW
Measuring Range 0.3 to 35.0 m 
Response Time Effective level data output time from power on <10s, measuring data update time <1.5s
Accuracy  ±5mm
Beam Angle 10°
Antenna Type Planar array, POM / PTFE
Signal Output Option: One relay alarm output (250VAC/5A) or 4-20mA output
Option: Radar angle signals, ambient temperature, altitude outputs
Option: Wi-Fi / APP / GPRS / IoT
Communication RS485 Modbus / Bluetooth / PLC / all RTU manufacturers’ protocols
Operating Temperature ‐55 to 85°C
Operating Pressure 860 to 1060 mbar (12.47 to 15.37 psi)
Power Supply  four-wire, 6.0 to 38VDC, < 0.08W
Configuration Tools PC software, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi with APP or WeChat mini program on mobile
Housing Material Anodized aluminum
Process Connection M6, universal joint bracket mounting
Electrical Connector  M12, 4pin aviation connector
Protection IP67 / IP68
Dimensions 126 mm x 126 mm x 45 mm




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