ANL-9107Q4 Built-in Conical Lens FMCW Radar Level Transmitter

A compact process FMCW radar for process liquids applications. Its small dead zone, high accuracy performance suitable for small and medium range applications. Especially for the tank with crystallization, foams, steam, agitators.

Applications: small tank, slurry, reactor, crystallization tank, agitator tank

Price: 1.00 USD


  • Easy to apply in the small tank with fast level change
  • Economical solution for high accuracy measuremment
  • FMCW technology applied to get better performance than pulse


Frequency 23.5~26.5GHz, 3GHz(FMCW width)
Range 0.3~35m;(max<45M)
Resolution 0.02mm
Accuracy ±3mm
Beam angle 16°
Dimension 235mm x 100mm x 100mm (no flange)
Connection G 1-½ "A –NPT (for flange)
Antenna Type Conical lens antenna, PTFE (20dBi dynamic gain)
Signal Output 4..20mA/HART/RS485/Profibus PA/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
Communication 4-20mA/HART/MODBUS
Failure Output 22mA/20.5mA (can be set)
Process Temp -40 ~85°C 
Humidity ≤95%RH
Pressure -0.5 ~ 5.0MPa
Power Supply 16 ~ 45VDC, 2-wire /12~ 36VDC, 4-wire/110-250VAC
Adjustment PC software / APP (only for 4-wire)  / Tank Side Indicator 160x80 Dots LCD / 4 key
Casing aluminum alloy
Connection M20x1.5 (φ6...12mm)
Protection IP67


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