ANL-8010M Guide Wave Radar Module

ANL-8010 guided wave radar are used for contact level measurements of liquids and bulk solids. They measure a wide variety of liquids, even under high pressure and extreme temperatures, solvents and corrosive liquids, and they are suitable for use in applications with strict hygiene requirements.

ANL-8010 also measures the lightest to heaviest bulk solids with absolute reliability and is unaffected by build-up or condensation, even in the presence of dust and noise. Suitable for liquids and bulk solids under simple process conditions.

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  • user-friendly
  • Adjust by mobile phone/Bluetooth communication, realize remote parameter setting, no need to go to the site to fill and empty the container, save time
  • Multi-echo tracking innovation technology


Frequency 1GHz
Range 6m/10m/45m
Resolution 1mm
Accuracy ±2mm

4-wire: RS-485, SDI-12, Modbus, HART, Relay(option)

2-wire: 4-20mA + HART7 / Profibus PA

Ambient Temp -40 ~ 85℃
Process Temp -40 ~ 200℃
Humidity ≤95%RH
Pressure -1 ~ 40 bar (-14.5 ~ 580 psi)
Power Supply 16.5V ~ 40 VDC
Max load 500Ω
Failure output no change/22mA/20.5mA/4mA

1. 160x80 Dots LCD with backlight/4 key pad

2.(APP, Wechat mini-program)Radar MobileManager

3.(PC software)Radar PCManager

Wireless communication Bluetooth 5.0 (Bluetooth 4.0 LE compatible), communication range 40m(131.24 inches), in rainy day 20m


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