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Radar Frequency 120GHz dynamic FM sweep bandwidth 10GHz (On demand adjustment on the FM sweep bandwidth is available to comply with ISM requirements)
Measuring range 15/50/80m
Dead Band 0mm
Measuring principle FMCW Radar with Ultra Wide Band
Resolution 0.01mm (50M for range) / 0.1mm (80M for range)
Accuracy ±1mm (15m for range) / ±3mm (80m for range)
Antenna Material PTFE Lens
Antenna Beam 1.5°
Signal Output 4-20mA, HART5(standard) / HART7
Power Supply 2-wire/4-wire, 12-40VDC(24VDC is for the best choice) / 110~250VAC/50Hz/60Hz
Process connection M56*2/≥DN50
Process temperature ‐40 ~ 130℃, 或‐40 ~600℃(Extra cooling fins are required )
Ambient temperature ‐40 ~ 85℃,≤95%RH
Process Pressure ‐1 ~ 4MPa /‐4~32MPa(Extra reinforced flange members are required)
Local Configurable PC desktop software(Radar PCManger) / 4 on panel push buttons/ Smartphone app and Wechat Mini-program (RadarMobileManger) / Vessel Side Meter
WIFI Connection Bluetooth / LoRa / IOT
Comm.Protocol HART / MODBUS / PROFIBUS (Optional)
Fail-safe 22mA / 4mA/20.5mA (configurable)
Display 320x240 Dot TFT color LCD/160x80dot matrix black and white monochrome display / with backlight
Enclosure material Aluminium alloy made single chamber or dual chamber( 220VAC is available for dual chamber only)
Cable connector M20x1.5 (⌀5...9mm)
IP rating IP67  (electronic compartment filled with silica gel)
Approval CNEX: Ex d IIC T6
Package size L x W x H 435mm x 275mm x 275mm
Application Liquid, Powder, Solid Paste



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