Application: Radiation, high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, EMC, large range, metal tanks, plastic tanks, glass tanks

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  • This product is the first choice for high adhesion, high temperature and high pressure conditions.


Radar Frequency 120GHz dynamic FM sweep bandwidth 10GHz (On demand adjustment on the FM sweep bandwidth is available to comply with ISM requirements)
Measuring range 50/100m
Dead Band 100mm
Measuring principle FMCW Radar with Ultra Wide Band
Resolution 0.1mm (50M for range) / 0.3mm (100M for range)
Accuracy ±2mm (50m for range) / ±5mm (100m for range)
Antenna Material PTFE/PEEK etc., depending on process temperature 
Antenna Beam 1°~ 3°
Signal Output 4-20mA, HART5(standard) / HART7
Power Supply 4-wire, 18-40VDC(24VDC is for the best choice) / 110~250VAC/50Hz/60Hz
Process connection ≥DN80
Process temperature ‐40 ~ 360℃/‐40 ~1800℃(Extra cooling fins are required )
Ambient temperature ‐40 ~ 85℃,≤95%RH
Process Pressure ‐1 ~ 4MPa /‐4~32MPa(Extra reinforced flange members are required)
Local Configurable PC desktop software(Radar PCManger) / 4 on panel push buttons/ Smartphone app and Wechat Mini-program (RadarMobileManger) / Vessel Side Meter
WIFI Connection Bluetooth / LoRa / IOT
Comm.Protocol HART / MODBUS / PROFIBUS (Optional)
Fail-safe 22mA / 4mA/20.5mA (configurable)
Display 320x240 Dot TFT color LCD/160x80dot matrix black and white monochrome display / with backlight
Enclosure material Aluminium alloy made single chamber or dual chamber( 220VAC is available for dual chamber only)
Cable connector M20x1.5 (⌀5...9mm)
IP rating IP67  (electronic compartment filled with silica gel)
Approval CNEX: Ex d IIC T6
Package size L x W x H 具体产品定制木箱
Application Liquid, Powder, Solid Paste



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