ANL-8260-PCBA Pulse Radar PCBA Kits

26GHz pulse radar PCBA kits, is designed with unique FPGA accurate emission impulse control, strong frequency stability, reliability, and temperature compensation capability. OEM acceptable.

Price: 1.00 USD


  • High reliability, high cost-effective, save your costs in the field
  • Suitable for industrial silos, tanks, vessels level measurement, and hydrological water level measurement
  • Support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, APP, WeChat mini program wireless communication, remote communication
  • Support tank side meter
  • Option for mono TFT LCD and industry level colored TFT LCD
  • OEM acceptable, easy to customize and integrate


Frequency 26GHz
Range 10m/30m/70m/80m
Resolution 1mm
Accuracy ±10mm
Spread spectrum 3.579545MHz ±30ppm
Blind area 0.6m
Interval time ≥1s
Response time ≥5s
Beam angle <8°
Signal Output 4-20mA output
Communication HART
Process Temp -40 ~ 85℃
Humidity ≤95%RH
Pressure -1 ~ 10MPa, -10~20MPa (including enhanced flange structure)
Power Supply 16-36VDC
Max load 500Ω
Failure output no change/22mA/20.5mA/4mA
Operation  160*80 dot LCD
Dimensions 75mm×75mm×100mm
Languages Chinese + English / Portuguese / Thai / Korean /  Japanese
Casing ABS
Protective type No potting / transparent jelly gel potting


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